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About Us

NTC Dental Suppliers Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Tai Choong) has been a dental supplier for over 60 years in Malaysia since 1960. We are the leading dental suppliers specialized in dental materials, laboratory materials, oral care products and dental equipment. We represent many leading brand products in the dental market. We have a wide distribution channels and able to provide services for dental clinics, government hospitals, institutions and dental laboratories in both East and West Malaysia.

Product Category

Tepe 23 products
Waterpik 12 products
GC Dental 66 products
Ultradent 86 products
Salli Chairs 8 products
FKG 8 products
Polydentia 28 products
Carestream 9 products
Addent 1 products
USF Disinfectant 8 products
Fittydent 5 products
Crosstex 1 products
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