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Glass Ionomer

All of GCʼs restoratives are designed to restore the teeth in a durable and aesthetically pleasing way. Each product class features optimised properties to match the intended use. GC has a long-lasting tradition with Glass Ionomer Restoratives. With recent improvements in their strength and aesthetics, they offer a biomimetic restorative solution and can be used as an alternative to amalgam and composites.
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GC Fuji VII (1-1pkg)

Gold Label VII CAPSULE (30's)

Fuji BULK (50's)

Gold Label 9 EXTRA (1-1Pkg)

Gold Label IX EXTRA CAPSULE (30's)

Fuji IX ART (1-1pkg)

Gold Label II LC CAPSULE (30's)

Gold Label 2 (1-1Pkg)

Gold Label 2 LC (1-1Pkg)

Gold Label 1 (1-1pkg)

Gold Label I CAPSULE (30's)

Capsule Applier III

Paste Pak Dispenser

G-Coat Plus

Cocoa Butter

Dentin Conditioner



1 - 18 of 19

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